Junior in the City


Junior in the City
Illustrated by Daniel Moreton
Harry Abrams 2002
ISBN: 978-0810934979

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Junior in the City


Every page features an internal wheel that changes both words and pictures before a young reader's eyes.

Take a silly vacation with Junior. Junior the pig is so excited about his trip to the big city! He's got his camera, his bus ticket, and he's all set to see the sights. But when Junior loses his new glasses, suddenly the city looks strange. Without his glasses, Junior can't tell a window from a waffle, a construction cone from a candy corn, or a bagel from a bird's nest. Luckily, just before Junior heads home, he finds his glasses in the most unlikely and hilarious of places! Junior in the City is a silly story that will have children laughing out loud as they turn the pages and spin the wheels.




"An opthalmologically challenged pig stars in Junior on the Farm and Junior in the City, two paper-over-board books by Samantha Berger and Lisa Eve Huberman, illus. by Daniel Moreton. "The sun came up warm and bright/ And filled the farm with morning light./ Junior yawned and looked up high./ But the sun looked like a ____ in the sky." A spin wheel fills in the blank and shows a corresponding picture of the object. Among the spectacles-free possibilities: a fried egg, a pumpkin and a daisy."
- Publishers Weekly




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