The Totally Not Wicked Stepmother


The Totally Not Wicked Stepmother
Written by Samantha Berger

Illustrated by Neha Rawat
Harper Collings November, 2022

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  The Totally Not Wicked Stepmother

From acclaimed author and three-time Emmy-nominated writer Samantha Berger and rising star illustrator Neha Rawat comes a hilarious and heartwarming story that follows a young girl as she learns that her new stepmother might not be as evil or wicked as she originally seems. Perfect for newly blended families and a celebration of stepmothers and stepchildren everywhere! 

When I first met my stepmother, I was a little suspicious. All stepmothers are supposed to be wicked! Evil! Downright B-A-D BAD! Or at least, that’s what the stories say. So I thought I knew just what to expect from mine.

But my stepmother didn’t seem to be any of those things. She helped me paint my room. She left me notes in my lunchbox. She baked my favorite lemon squares. Is it possible I might have been wrong about stepmothers?



"Totally genuine and fills a gap by showcasing positive outcomes in blended families."
- Kirkus




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