Kid Lit Drink Night Sketches

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Greetings good Blog-ians!

Here’s a good little ditty I wanted to share.

So, once a month (or more) some authors and illustrators gather at some local alcohol-dispensing venue, and get together to drink, share, vent, laugh, and make merriment. The venue always changes, the crowd is always different, but basically it’s all writers and illustrators of literature for kids, be it picture book, chapter book, middle grade, or young adult. BOOK PEOPLE. It’s always a good time and often there are some very special guest stars and cameo appearances.

That’s when I got this crazy idea to buy a brand new sketchbook and a lotta new pens, and make it the official KID LIT DRINK NIGHT SKETCHBOOK. The thought is, we all doodle while drinking, and then auction the sketchbook off to a charity we all love when it’s finished. YES!

I’m gonna share right here and now, my first contributions to the KLDN SKETCHBOOK. They’re my April 2013 installments.

I’m calling them, WHEN KIDS LIT & COCKTAILS MIX and almost every book you see, was by someone who was there at the bar, or attended a previous time.

*note CRANKENSTEIN in a beer stein.

Can you recognize the real books?











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