ePUNymous Portrait Series Part 3…

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This past week, I continue my “EPUNymous Portrait Series.” One a day. A creative warm-up, like stretching. Here’s what happened, in chronological order.


The Police
©by Samantha Berger
So a dear friend thought I Photoshopped this on the cop car.
That would be so cheating for this project!
ANYONE could do THAT!
I simply drew the band on clear plastic and then put it on the car hood.
Again, I go to great and elaborate set-ups to get my puns.
*I tried to get actual police officers to pose with my picture, but they didn’t know who the band was.
That lead to me singing a Police medley in the streets of NY, insisting, yes they do.
They still didn’t.

Then, the next day, on October 13th…



The next day, October 14th, this happened.


Dr. Frank-N-Furter
© by Samantha Berger
*Still easier to draw on a New York City street wiener than it was to draw Jon Hamm on ham!


October 15th…


Cookie Monster
© by Samantha Berger
*For dramatic effect, me bite into cookie before me take photo.
Even though me spit it out, me taste the hint of toxic pen for hours.

October 16th, 2014…


© by Samantha Berger
It’s pretty hard to one-up Cookie Monster and Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
But Hodor seemed like the kind of guy who could do it.
That meant finding a DOOR and then drawing Hodor on it.
I looked and looked for the right door.
Then, that night, I was taking my dog for a walk, and this WARDROBE was sitting on my block.
Like, put out in the trash. Now it’s in my room.
There’s only one thing to say to that kind of fortuitous luck:


October 17, 2014…


©by Samantha Berger


October 18th.

Long day.

End of the night.

Almost didn’t happen.

But then it did.




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