ePUNymous Portraits (continued!)

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Whelp, I have continued my streak of doing “Epunymous Portraits” every day this week, and wanted to post the new batch for y’all.

Since I am creating and posting one a day, it was all about keeping it SURPRISING! And after the last 15 or so, that is getting increasingly more challenging. Here we go.


“Robert Plant”
©by Samantha Berger
Drawing this one made me have to listen to/sing top volume Led Zeppelin all day long.
Apologies to my neighbors.


Then, later that same day, because I was extra inspired, this happened.

“Kelly Light.”
©by Samantha Berger
The very same day as I made “Robert Plant,” a cartoon lightbulb flashed on over my head with the idea to do “Kelly Light” on a lightbulb.
Kelly is a friend and a fellow children’s book author/illustrator.
Her new book (which is OUTSTANDING) is called Louise Loves Art.
Kelly’s been on book tour for weeks, working her butt off.
So it was an extra thrill to get to surprise her with this.
Now, her presence lights up the whole room!
But then, it always did.


“Beet Arthur.”
©by Samantha Berger
The next day at the farmers market, I saw some good lookin beets, and immediately thought of beloved Golden Girl and Maude star, Bea Arthur. One of my favorites.
When I got home and started lightly sketching on a beet with pencil, it instantly dug in and started CARVING it! I always thought beets had a thick skin, because they take so long to cook. But no. So I sort of carved Bea Arthur into the beet. Love that Bea Arthur. This one is for her.

The very next day…

“Mister Rogers.”
©by Samantha Berger
For Paul O. Zelinsky.
So as I was posting and sharing these photos, a lot of people started sending me suggestions. They would write “Joan Jet on a jet!” and “Jimmy Page on a page!” And then one of my very favorite illustrators of all time, Mr. Paul Zelinsky, privately wrote to me suggesting Mister Rogers on a plant spray bottle, and that one never crossed my mind! Plus I LOVE Fred Rogers! So I made it on a bottle I found under the sink, and dedicated it to Paul.

The day after THAT…

“Michael Bublé Wrap”
©by Samantha Berger
This was another great suggestion, from another great writer/illustrator.
The awesome Nina Laden (who now owns my “Bradvocado Pitt” portrait, as well, wrote on Facebook that I should consider doing Michael Bublé on bubble wrap.
I happened to have *one* envelope lined with bubble wrap, and that sealed the deal.
So this one is dedicated to Nina Laden.

The day after Bublé…

©by Samantha Berger
My First Animated Character EPUNymous Portrait.
*Note – it is exceptionally difficult to draw on corn.
#BeavisandButthead #MikeJudge #TheGreatCornholio #NeedTPformyBunghole #AreYouThreateningMe

and of course, today’s…

©by Samantha Berger

See ya on the next episode of Samantha’s EPUNymous Portraits!





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