International Dot Day, September 15th, 2013

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Hi everybody!
(“Hi Dr. Nick!”)

These days, there are a tremendous amount of picture books coming out (more and more each year) that are just magnificent. The art is stunning, the design is MOMA-worthy, the stories profoundly moving, engaging, funny, and sweet. Sometimes even the brand new novelty style of paper engineering is so breakthrough it stuns me with awe.

But there are a few books that stand out in a different category for me – the category called THIS BOOK SHOULD BE ON EVERY CHILD’S SHELF.
In fact, let me modify that to EVERY HUMAN BEING’S shelf.
In fact, let me change that once again to THIS BOOK MUST BE IN EVERY HUMAN’S LIFE.
These are the books that change us, and move us, and stay with us for the rest of our lives.

One of those books I feel the strongest about is THE DOT by Peter Reynolds.

For those of you who don’t know the story (and should go READ IT ASAP) it is the story of a child, who does not believe she can draw, and gets so frustrated she jabs her pencil into her paper, thus creating a very small dot. Her encouraging teacher reminds her to sign his work, because in fact, she *has* created something.
This sparks something in Vashti, and her dots evolve, and so does she.
That’s why it’s so important to TRY and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and….as is the tagline of the book…MAKE YOUR MARK…AND SEE WHERE IT TAKES YOU.

Where has it taken the book THE DOT?
To encourage people from all over the world to create their very own Dot and to be a part of spreading creativity, courage and collaboration.


Almost 800,000 participants
51 different countries

Check it out and see if maybe your child, grandchild, student, or friends and relatives kids would like to make their mark and make a dot! Maybe YOU would, too!

There’s even a special page of “Celebri-Dots” which is really REALLY cool!
Here’s a link to that.
I mean…Kate DiCamillo made one! SHRIEK! AUTHOR-CRUSH!

You can also find MY VERY OWN DOT on that site, but here it is now!

Samantha Berger's Celebri-Dot for Dot Day