A Crankentrailer is Born

Posted on by sam

So starting maybe a year ago, I had the book-trailer in my mind for our new book CRANKENSTEIN.

I kinda wanted a montage of real-life cranky kids, to highlight how Crankenstein was synonymous for the monster inside all of us.

Lots of Cransters tallied up to be be one monstrous character—Crankenstein.

Plus, the real truth is, cranky pictures of people make me laugh really hard.

That might make me evil, and I am willing to accept this fact, rather than stop doing it.

But even a super-cranky photo of *myself* would make me laugh really hard, and that’s kinda the whole point of Crankenstein: when you can laugh at yourself, and let your humor overtake your anger, you’re going to be okay in life.

So I asked all my friends and social media friends, if they wanted to be a part of this project, and to please send me a cranky photo of their kids, I could use for my book trailer.
People were so incredibly generous.
They sent the BEST pictures of their cranky kids.
One was more Crankenstein than the next, and oh how they made me laugh.
Incidentally, it make *others* laugh pretty hard too, so it seems I am not the only evil one who finds cranky pictures hilarious.
Mwah ha ha….

NOW…..(drumroll please)
I bring you for the first time ever….
the world premiere exclusive….

of the CRANKENSTEIN trailer.

Hope it makes you laugh a little, too.

May the ability to always be able to laugh at yourself be with you.


PS—..or not if the file doesn’t work. Sigh.

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