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After I made the lily dresses on Christmas Day, I thought it would be a fun daily challenge to make something just for the sake of making something. Rather than making something for the sake of making money, making a deadline, or making it on assignment, for an intended audience.

And maybe,  instead of my art being so precious, and keeping it forever, I could just try creating something to live in that moment in time, like a sand castle or ice sculpture.

Hmm…interesting to ponder.

Then, I went wild.

There’s The Bath Salt Dress (*first you wear it, then you soak in it)


This dress doodle is done entirely in bath salt!


The Christmas Wreath Dress, and matching Christmas Vacation Swimsuit






The “Jumpy Jumpsuit” made of coffee grounds.

The “Jumpy Jumpsuit” doodle, made from coffee grounds (*organic Sumatra!)

Pink Peppercorns…


Dress made from PInk Peppercorns. (Spicy!)


You may notice, I worked my models HARD.

I used them, and added to them, and built on them, until I couldn’t use them anymore.

Yams was the end of one model’s career. Sweet potato….not so sweet now.

It was this poor lass:

She started in a simple yet elegant dress made from Juniper Berries.


Dress doodle made entirely from Juniper Berries


Then, she got extensions and switched to wearing Pine Cone Couture….or “PineCouture”

I did versions with and without the sunglasses, which are seed pods I sound within the pinecone.

The pinecone itself was found in a Brooklyn dog run.

I drew the model.

Redwoods meet Redcarpet in this classic made entirely from pinecone and pine.


After that, she got down and funky in this Disco Dress, made of broken CD.

Dress doodle by Samantha Berger, dress made out of broken CD. Dedicated to Tim Gunn. ©2013


But ultimately it was the sweet potato and sage gown, that would be her curtain call.

Doodle in Sweet Potato and Sage



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