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As long as I can remember, like going way way back, I have always doodled fashion designs, shoes, and model-y girls. Chances are, if I’m mindlessly doodling, it will be one of those three things.

So my friend and fellow author, Jesse Klausmeier, gave me a brand new sketchbook for the Holidays, specifically geared towards sketching fashion.

It’s sooooooooooo cool.

And it’s made by the good folks at Chronicle Books, but of course.

In addition to being filled with fashion terminology, and a visual glossary of garments, each page has “Croquis” outlines on it, which are like featureless, alien, bald mannequin body forms. But BOY HOWDY do they make designing easy and fun.

Anyway, I started doodling in this notebook as soon as I got it. I was completely inspired by Debbie Ohi’s Found Object Series (which is completely brilliant, and a total must see on her blog) and thought I might make some dress designs out of the gorgeous white winter lilies that were starting to wilt in my house.

That’s how it started, with these two lily dresses. I call them the FIND YOUR INNER FLOWER and IN FULL BLOOM.

Here they are:









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