This Week in Crankenhistory

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Greetings, Blog-Readers!

Well, it’s been an exciting and quite excellent week for our little book, #Crankenstein.

First, our beloved editor Connie at the Publishing House wrote to tell us the good news:

Crankenstein has been awarded the Silver Award by the National Parenting Publications Awards committee. Or NAPPA.
(Nappa? I believe we need to celebrate with CRANKEN-WINE!)

I am tremendously delighted and honored and thank the good people of NAPPA.
*And I was serious about celebrating with CRANKEN-WINE.

The second awesome tidbittery was when my childhood friend Gabby, sent me a copy of September’s #REALSIMPLEFAMILYMAGAZINE and there was a full page ad for CRANKENSTEIN inside!
Lookit that little monster.
First he was a Little, Brown calendar-boy, and now he’s gone all print-ad.
We have to be careful or it’s going to go to his head, and let’s face it, his head’s already pretty huge.

Here’s what the ad looks like:

Then yesterday, my thoroughly thoughtful friend Kevin sent me the homepage from #BarnesandNoble’s website, and there was #Crankenstein AGAIN as a Halloween recommendation, along with some INCREDIBLE titles beside him.

It looked a little something like this:

These things COMPLETELY made my week and MAJORLY made me smile.
So to all the people who took the time to take pictures and post CRANKEN-SIGHTINGS around the world, or send me a photo of their kid reading Crankenstein, or to *clear out* the B & N Vegas store’s entire CRANKINVENTORY like my little brother Milo did, let me just tell you, it is really, really appreciated.
Like, forever and ever appreciated.


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