Presenting….THE EYEBRA™

Posted on by sam

Presenting…THE EYEBRA!
Because your boobs aren’t the only thing that needs support!

Because your EYES need support, too.

The Eyebra™ is a moulded, sculpted, lined and padded eye-shade.
It blocks out all light, without ever touching your EYES.
I couldn’t live without mine.

Tons of them exist, but no one’s branding them EYEBRA™ YET!
Snap to it, Bedhead Pajamas! get cracking’ Bucky! Spanks, where are YOU?
Even Victoria’s Secret could be making these badboys.
They retail low, and are outstanding on flights, bright lights, and sleep-needed nights.

Now, would someone re-brand them already?
I drew this yesterday, so you can see what I mean.
Then feel free to send me a check for my consulting fee.

Sleep well.


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